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Custom Solid Wood Doors

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Truly Special Custom Wood Doors

At Northwood Doors, we believe that the entrance to your home should be as beautiful and unique as the rest of your house. That's why we specialize in handcrafting custom entry and interior doors that not only provide functionality, but also enhance the overall aesthetic of your home. Our wood doors are made in Toronto with the finest wood and expert craftsmanship, ensuring that each one is of the highest quality and built to last.


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Single Entry Wood Doors

Made from solid mahogany wood, single doors provide a natural look that can complement any architectural style, from traditional to modern.

They are designed to withstand the elements and provide a secure entry point to the home. A single door can make a statement in itself. Many exterior wood single doors also come with glass panes, adding light to the home’s interior and allowing for views of the outside. Overall, exterior wood single doors provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal, making them a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their front entrance.

Single Entry Wood Doors with Side Lights

Single wood doors with side lights are a stunning addition to any home, offering both style and practicality.

These beautiful doors are crafted from solid wood and feature one main door with one or more smaller glass panels on either side.

The glass panels provide an abundance of natural light, illuminating the interior of the home and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The rich and natural beauty of wood perfectly complements any architectural style, and the door can be finished in a stain of your choice.

Upgrade your home’s entrance with a single wood door with side lights, adding both elegance and functionality to your space.

Custom Double Wood Doors

Double wood doors offer a grand and impressive entrance to any home, adding both style and functionality.

Crafted in Toronto from high-quality solid wood these doors are designed to last for generations. The natural beauty of the wood grain, combined with the added architectural detail of a double door, provides a warm and inviting atmosphere to any home.

Double wood doors can be finished in a stain of your choice, and can be customized to match the existing style of your home. Whether you’re renovating an existing entrance or building a new home, double wood doors offer a timeless and elegant solution for your front door.  Upgrade your entrance with a set of double wood doors today, and experience the beauty and durability of natural wood.

We understand that every Toronto home is unique, and that’s why we offer a wide range of color and design options.

From rich, dark stains to light, natural finishes, we have an option to match any decor style. Our model options range from traditional, classic designs to more modern, contemporary styles, so you can choose the perfect look for your home.

We are committed to making sure that you get the exact door you want. Whether you’re looking for a simple, understated design or something more elaborate, our team will work with you to create a door that perfectly matches your style and requirements. So why settle for an ordinary door when you can have one that’s truly special? Let us help you enhance the inner beauty and curb appeal of your home with a custom-made solid wood door from Northwood Doors.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What types of wood do you use for your solid wood doors?

    We use the highest quality of mahogany wood for our doors.

    Mahogany is considered one of the best woods for doors due to several reasons:

    1. Durability: Mahogany is a dense and hard wood that resists wear and tear, making it highly durable. It also has natural resistance to decay, rot, and pests, which makes it ideal for exterior doors that are exposed to the elements.
    2. Stability: Mahogany is relatively stable and doesn’t expand or contract much with changes in humidity and temperature. This stability ensures that doors made from mahogany won’t warp, twist or crack, even in extreme weather conditions.
    3. Aesthetic appeal: Mahogany has a rich reddish-brown color that develops a beautiful patina over time. This unique color and grain pattern give doors made from mahogany a classic, elegant, and timeless look.
    4. Sound insulation: Mahogany is an excellent sound insulator due to its density, which makes it ideal for exterior doors, where noise reduction is a priority.

    Overall, mahogany’s combination of durability, stability, aesthetic appeal, workability, and sound insulation make it a highly sought-after wood for doors.

    All our doors are crafted from sustainably sourced materials and are built to last.

    Can you customize my door to fit my unique needs?

    Yes, we offer customization options so you can create the perfect door for your home or office. From size and finish to hardware and glass options, we have everything you need to create a door that is both functional and stylish.

    What areas do you service?

    We service the following cities and areas:

    • Toronto
    • Mississauga
    • Etobicoke
    • North York
    • Richmond Hill
    • Oakville
    • Vaughan
    • Aurora
    • Hamilton
    • Milton
    • and more… Contact us for more information

    Do you offer installation services?

    Yes, we offer professional installation services to ensure that your door is properly installed and functioning at its best. Our experienced technicians will take care of everything, from measuring to hanging and finishing.

    Why choose Northwood Doors for your next solid wood door?

    At Northwood Doors Inc., we believe that every door should be both beautiful and functional. Our solid wooden doors are built to last and are sure to make a lasting impression. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you select the perfect door for your home or office.